Oqtay Quliyev

Designer / Founder of Pixdly

Design Process: From Concept to Completion



Clarify needs and set expectations.


Initial Draft

Create preliminary design concepts.



Develop and refine visual elements.


Review & Implementation

Finalize design and launch project.

KIA Canada

Created guidelines, visuals, and social media posts based on KIA’s brand guide for their Canada office, creating several engaging posts for multiple platforms to enhance KIA Canada’s online presence and support their marketing efforts

Social Media Posts

Guide Visuals

FinansAZ | Investment Management App

A sophisticated application designed to simplify and enhance the investment experience for users. I crafted a user-centric interface with separate dark and light modes to accommodate individual preferences and enhance usability in different lighting conditions.

Apple Logomark Rebranding (Conceptual work)

Revamped Apple logo for a futuristic, modern appeal. Integrated sleek lines and minimalist design, emphasizing innovation and forward-thinking. Enhanced brand’s visual identity for the next era.

Strategic Edge / Landing Page & Dashboard

For StrategicEdge, focused on financial services, crafted web and mobile designs plus a user dashboard for managing transactions, enhancing user experience in finance management.

Digital Leadership – Consulting: From Whiteboard to Reality

Digital Leadership stands out for its seasoned teams, boasting over 10 years of experience in spearheading engagements with agility and adaptability.

Played a key role in enhancing digitalleadership.com, improving its UI/UX for better functionality and user interaction. I also contributed to the “How to Create Innovation” book design, creating over 80 infographics, 40+ illustrations, and formatting textual content, showcasing my comprehensive design skills and ability to convey complex ideas visually.

Infographics Models (see +70 more)

Blog Graphics

Social Media Posts

Webinar Promotion Assets

“How to Create Innovation?” Book Design (see more)

YouTube Thumbnails and Video Production (see all)

Schüco – Windows, doors and facades

At Schüco, a leader in aluminium and steel window, door, and facade systems, designed a detailed playbook featuring infographics and illustrations, enhancing design, comfort, and energy efficiency.

Playbook VP

Swedbank- Logomark Rebranding (Conceptual work)

Revamped Swedbank’s identity, blending its rich history and modern banking ethos, enhancing connections with 7M private and 555K corporate clients for a refreshed, contemporary brand presence.

Percepture – Global Digital Marketing
& PR Agency

At Percepture, a global marketing & PR agency focusing on brand growth, designed impactful pitch decks, generating nearly $1M from investors in 6 months through compelling slides tailored to key messages.

Presentation Design

26hz.io VR Logomark Redesign

Revitalized the 26hz VR logo for a contemporary, forward-looking feel. Emphasized dynamic, sleek design to mirror advanced VR solutions.


Some Other Compact Projects


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